Mauris egestas

My name is Pinja Printti and I am a Finnish designer who gets inspired by different kinds of materials. At the moment I am studying at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and I am going to specialize in glass. I also study Marketing as a minor at Aalto University School of business.

I am interested in creating new designs using the old traditions while adding something unique with my own personal touch. My inspiration comes from the characteristics of the material. When I am designing an object, functionality and usability are key elements in my work. Shape and style of the object are things which make it interesting as well as desirable.

The shapes in my designs come from man-made environment such as architecture. My style is simple and minimalistic, but I always want to add a bit of humor in my design. I find it important not to take yourself too seriously. That way you maintain freedom of creativity!